Unlock Opportunities with E2
Visa to America

Simplifying Your Journey with Expert Advise

Unlock Opportunities with E2 Visa to America

Simplifying Your Journey with Expert Advise


Empowering Investors for Success

At Visa to America, our mission is to empower and guide investors on their journey to success in the USA. We are committed to providing comprehensive E2 visa services that transcend the ordinary, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for every investor.

Our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with international investments, and we stand as dedicated partners, offering expertise, personalized guidance, and unwavering support. Your success is our priority, and we take pride in being the catalyst for your growth and prosperity.

“Navigating E2 visa with Visa to America was a breeze. Personalized support, exceptional service. Couldn’t ask for more!”

Benjamin Hayes.

Every 1 in 4 visas are denied.
Meet the real experts for visa success


We have helped thousands of investors start their journey

At Visa to America, we take immense pride in our legacy of assisting thousands of investors in embarking on their journey towards success.

Our dedicated team understands the unique challenges and aspirations of each individual, providing tailored support to navigate the intricacies of the E2 visa process. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time investor, our commitment is unwavering, ensuring that your journey to the USA is not just a venture but a flourishing success story.


Learn about the different options
to invest in the US


Allows foreign nationals to enter and work in the country based on investing in a U.S. business.

Franchise Program

Get a franchise to limit risk and start your entrepreneurial journey with a proven business model.

Purchase Business

Purchase a business to limit risk and kickstart your journey with a time-tested investment.

What countries can apply
for E2 VISA

This is a list of the countries that have E2 Treaty with the USA.

Expert guidance

Championing Excellence: Our Affiliation with the International Franchise Association

At Visa to America, we take pride in our affiliation with the International Franchise Association (IFA), symbolizing our commitment to excellence in franchising education and advocacy.

As a dedicated member, we stand ready to support your growth, foster community connections, and safeguard the integrity of our shared business model. By aligning with the IFA, we ensure that our services not only meet the highest standards in the industry but also contribute to the broader ecosystem of responsible and thriving franchises. Trust Visa to America for a partnership that goes beyond visa services.

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Success Stories

Video stories of success in america.

Here we showcase the triumphs of individuals who entrusted their American dreams to Visa to America. Meet inspiring individuals who, through our expert guidance and personalized services, have successfully obtained work visas, pursued higher education, made strategic investments, and achieved the milestone of permanent residency in the United States. 

Your All-Inclusive Passport to Prosperity with Visa to America


What we Provide and What is the Process?

At Visa to America, we offer comprehensive immigration services, providing honest advice for your journey to the USA.

Our process starts with a registration and a personalized consultation with experienced immigration lawyers. We streamline document submission and verification, collaborate on a strategic business plan, facilitate business incorporation, and develop a dynamic website.

Once all is in order, we submit your application to the USCIS, and upon approval, welcome you to America. Trust us as your dedicated partner in achieving your business objectives and navigating the immigration process.

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Steps for success:
Registration and Consultation:
Register on our portal and have a personalized consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer to understand your case.
Document Submission and Verification:
Submit necessary documents on our portal and have them verified by our immigration attorneys.
Strategic Planning and Incorporation:
Work with experts from top institutions to create a smart business plan and assist in the incorporation process.
Website Development:
Our team crafts a dynamic website to enhance your online presence, trustworthiness, and brand value.
USCIS Application:
Once all requirements are met, we assemble and rectify documents for your visa application to the USCIS.
Visa Approval and Welcome to America:
Upon USCIS approval (typically within 1 month), you're officially welcomed to the USA.
Additional Services

Your way to success

Visa to America goes beyond visa processing, providing a suite of resources, industry insights, and ongoing support to foster the long-term success of our clients in the American market.


With more than 18 years’ experience and over 16,000 business plans under our belt, we can help you create a good business plan.


We are uniquely positioned to help you get your new business started in the USA.


Your Dream website crafted to perfection. This greatly Improves Your ROI, trustworthiness, brand value.


We can help you find the best businesses for and their families based on their own unique profile.


Complete accounting services to streamline your financials. Reliable & Hassle-free.

Since 1998

Visa to America has successfuly helped thousands of people reach their American Dream.

What Client Say About Us

Nicolas Soffee Owner of the Marineman INC.

"Joseph has done this many times. His team has done this numerous times and they are successful"

Jan & Luba Vaculik Owners Electrical 4 all

"We are very thankful for Joseph and Bob, they have helped us acheive our american dream."

Henley Burch Entrepreneur

"Joseph will pick up your call anytime of your day. He is well experienced in what he does. Will recommend Visa to America to everyone that wants to come to the United States."


General Questions

We have answers to every single of your questions regarding your business in the USA.

This key decision really hinges on three factors: where in the US you will be setting up your business, whether you will be operating in one state or several states, and whether you prefer the laws of a particular state over the laws of the state where you will be doing business. We can help you navigate this decision as we review your specific goals with you.

Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming are often mentioned because if you are incorporated there, but do all business outside the state, then there is no income tax. It’s important to note, however, that no state is allowed to tax the income of a company that is not doing business there. Nevada and Wyoming have no corporate income tax, but several other states also do not. Delaware is specifically appealing because it has a well-advanced business court system that makes it trusted among corporate attorneys.

We understand the appeal, but it is honestly very difficult to open an account with a US bank without visiting the US. Why? A bank can make itself vulnerable to penalties if they fail to know their client well, and find themselves inadvertently associated with any criminal activity. With that said, if you do find a bank willing to open the account for you as a non-resident owned business, just be very careful to not do anything that raises concern.

In order to set up a new company, a formation document is filed with the Secretary of State in the state where you want to incorporate. Each state has its own laws, procedures, and fees, so there is no one set of laws that apply in every case. But don’t worry: we can help you through the process.

E2 Visa Program

If your visa application is denied, the consular officer should give you reasons for the denial. You may be able to present your E-2 visa application again if refused, but note that there is no appeal to a denial of an E-2 visa application. You should contact us immediately if this happens. Almost all E-2 visas prepared by our law office are granted for the maximum duration. How you conduct yourself at the interview and whether you have withheld adverse information about yourself could lead to a visa refusal.

Generally, an E-2 visa does not lead to a green card unless a minimum of $900,000.00 has been invested in the company from personal funds and the investor can show 10 full-time employments within two years of filing the application.

Once your visa application is approved, the consulate may deliver your passports by courier service to your home address or you select where you may collect them. In most cases, you should receive these within 3 to 5 business days of the interview. You are then free to travel to the United States to be admitted as an E2 investor. Dependent family members cannot enter prior to the investor. The family should come together or follow the investor.

Generally, the interview is conducted in English. We encourage you to take English intensive courses prior to engaging in an E-2 visa process as this will not only benefit you for the E-2 visa interview and obtaining the E-2 visa but also to successfully run your E-2 business down the road. Ask yourself how you plan on communicating with your American staff and clients with a limited knowledge of the English language? Lack of proficiency in the English language can result in a denial of your E-2 visa for failing to meet the “direct and develop” requirement.

Franchise Program

  • Reduced risk of failure over an independent business
  • Proven methods and products
  • Start-up assistance
  • On-going training and support
  • Local, regional, and national advertising
  • Collective purchasing power
  • Research and development
  • Association and synergy with other franchisees
  • Easier to obtain financing

  • Higher costs (fees, royalties, supplies)
  • Smaller profit margins
  • Lack of independence and freedom
  • Difficult to achieve redress if franchisor fails to meet obligations
  • A franchisor’s problem may become your problem
  • The business is already up and running
  • Risk and uncertainty are reduced
  • The basic infrastructure is in place:
    • Established location
    • Existing customers and reputation
    • Employees
    • Vendors
    • Policies and procedures
    • Cash flow
    • No start-up period, leading to quicker profitability
    • Easier to obtain financing

  • Tangible limitations:
    • Design problems
    • Location problems
    • Merchandise problems
  • Intangible limitations:
    • Customer or employee ill-will
    • Pricing problems
    • Inadequate procedures
    • Lease problems
  • Potentially higher costs to buy
  • Legal liability in inheriting lawsuits

Investment requirements for purchasing a franchise differ tremendously based on the industry and the type of business the franchise operates. Total start-up costs can range from $20,000 or less to more than $1 million, depending on the franchise selected and whether it is necessary to own or lease real estate to operate the business.

Like starting any business, buying a franchise involves risk. Although most franchisees are satisfied and successful, some do suffer financial losses. That’s why you must be particularly wary of any company that “guarantees” profit or certain success.

Like starting any business, buying a franchise involves risk. Although most franchisees are satisfied and successful, some do suffer financial losses. That’s why you must be particularly wary of any company that “guarantees” profit or certain success. If you hear a claim about a company that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Investigation of all earnings claims made by a franchisor is especially important. Regardless of earnings claims, you must recognize that your success can come only through hard work. Success or failure ultimately depends on you.

To help mitigate the risks of buying a franchise, studies show that successful franchisees: 

  • conduct their own marketing research 
  • use their own financial and legal advisors 
  • develop thorough marketing and business plans 
  • have prior work experience in the industry

Empowering Investors for Success

Fueling dreams and fortunes, we specialize in empowering investors for unparalleled success in their American ventures with Visa to America.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

We are experts so you can be shure that we will guide and follow you all the steps of the process. We have a group of people that have done this work for years. So you know you have the best team to acomplish your dreams. 

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