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Why E-2 investor visa is the most trending visa in 2022?

Across the globe, people are considering either starting or buying a business in the U.S. This year especially is all about making serious lifestyle changes because of the pandemic.

We hear people every day say, “I want to move to Florida where it’s hot and easier to get approved for an E2 Visa.” The fact that beach climates, have a bit more freedom and less taxation, is widely known, and is even trending. Many countries have restrictions that make foreign business owners feel restricted. But the climate following the pandemic is blowing winds of prosperity into more businesses and entrepreneurs’ direction.

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Our Approach

Particularly Florida. Florida has been more open for foreign investments in business since 2020. More U.S. citizens are even relocating there, getting incredibly low rates. Arizona and Texas also have great weather conditions and have become more business user friendly. And the great news is that U.S. immigration laws are federal – not State-based. This means that the laws that apply to E2 Visas for those moving to Arizona are the same as those that apply to people moving to Florida, Vermont, Hawaii, or California.

There are also other factors that account for this trend in E2 Visa applications. Quite a few of our clients say, “we want to start our own business”. Although the E2 Visa is great for those who are looking to buy businesses, in 2022 a lot of our clients are E2 Visa investors looking to start their own businesses.

Core Values

First, using logical graphs about the gross sales, the business must be capable to make healthy income to support both of them, the E-2 investor applicant and her family and also to hire at least 2 to 4 full-time equivalent U.S. workers within 5 years of the startup day.


  • It is not necessary for the business to accomplish this immediately.
  • It is acceptable for the business to take time at the start and then establish itself, and it is not uncommon for there to even be a slight loss in the initial years of the business.
  • The hiring should be as soon as possible which helps to boost the confidence of officers keeping a eye on the business. 

This also makes it clear how many employees will be hired when and what they will be paid, without convoluting that information with payments going to the E-2 investor.

Similarly, the financial projections represented in the cash flow section and anywhere else in the business plan should only include as compensation, those payments made to employees listed in the personally which means that “compensation” figures should exclude compensation paid to the E-2 investor applicant. Payments made to the E-2 investor will be drawn from the company’s cash flow or profits. As a result, these figures should be sufficient to support draws made by the E-2 investor. 

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