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Why C Corp is preferred for E2 Investment Visa?

So, a lot of clients are foreign nationals coming here to start a business in the United States. And one of the questions always asked about is should What’s a C corp? So, Here is a detailed explanation about the differences between C corp which is preferred by almost every E-2 visa investor.Corporations, E-2 visa investor has to pay a salary. C corporations have two layers of tax. The corporation files its own return, pays its own tax, and then when it distributes out the profits to the owners, it does so in the form of dividends and it gets taxed twice as a dividend on the owner’s tax return.

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The reduction in the corporate tax rate with the recent tax law starting in 2018, the difference between the one layer of tax and the two layers of tax has gone down, but it’s still significant enough where an owner of a C corporation generally pays themselves a salary to zero out the income of the corporation. So, the corporation never pays tax. The owner just pays tax on their wages.

A corporation is a legal entity that exists separately from its owners, shareholders, officers, and directors. The laws of the state of domicile govern corporations. This law constitutes or authorizes companies to do business in the United States. To incorporate a business, the founders of

the corporation start by filing articles of incorporation with the state’s appropriate entity. After incorporation, shareholders receive the company’s issued shares in exchange for the cash or other assets they transfer to you in exchange for those shares. Once a year, the shareholders elect the board of directors, who meet to discuss and current corporate affairs. Corporations offer limited liability to their owners. A corporations owner will generally not be personally liable for the acts or obligations of a corporation.

Core Values

The shareholders can lose their liability protection, In this situation involving courts setting aside the corporation’s limited liability protections and holding a corporation’s shareholders or directors personally responsible and liable for the corporation’s actions or debts. Laws governing piercing the corporate varies from state to state. And are generally only applied in egregious situations involving misconduct, fraud, undercapitalization etc. The formalities required of corporations apply even to small, private, or professional corporations. Professional corporations are reserved for professional services businesses like legal, medical, or dental practices. A newly formed corporation needs to issue common stock to the shareholders and must elect a board of directors. Even if only one person is part of the corporation. And may elect themselves to the board of directors. Also may elect any other individuals that a single shareholder chooses.

The benefit of a C corp is that the investor can get a deduction for 100% of health insurance and medical costs. C corporation might change if investor has employees and so, there’s rules that have to follow but generally all things being equal if there are only owner or employee. Investor can write off all of health insurance, all of your medical and that would for some people be a very high amount and aslo that would produce a lot of tax benefit.

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