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What industry should you invest in E2 investor visa?

As a foreign investor, before filing a petition to establish a new business venture, or purchase a pre-existing business in the U.S. You must first consider your E-2 visa investment amount along with other requirements. If you start a new business venture the authorities like to see that you have some knowledge of the business you are getting into which will help you to ensure a successful business, which is what the authorities are truly looking for. In addition, if you have some knowledge or experience of the business your interview will go more convincingly.

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This is mainly if you are buying a business, You want to feel positive about the business you buy. This will make you speak better about the venture to the immigration officer. you should be
positive and excited about the business with all the documents backing it up. Remember, the goal here is to make sure that these investment in the business will be successful and will add to the economy of the United States. If you are able to convey how great this business will be, you have a better chance at the E2 investor visa.

The Mainstream Businesses goes like:
● Construction
● Trucking
● Home Services
● Education
● Factories
● Tourism
● Stores
● E-commerce
● Personal care
● Gastronomy and so on.

Core Values

Some other options which we are discussing are Franchises.Franchises are the most trending options for investor visas for several reasons. In many cases, they present alot of business opportunities. Detailed business plans and operating cost projections give investors a precise idea of what their substantial investment should be, allowing them to make their case in their E-2 visa application. Franchises can be any size – from a single employee staff to
any digits. It can be convenience store or restaurant and many other things. In some cases, investors can access training and support from the franchise group. Franchise opportunities are also widespread from cities to rural communities and everywhere in between allowing E Visa holders the opportunity to choose where they would like to work and live.

Another carrier choosing option can be Consulting. Consulting practices have the benefit of leveraging the visa holder’s professional experience to start a business with very low overhead costs. While the substantial investment for a restaurant or office might be quite high, a one-person consulting business can start up, operate and realize a profit for far less. Consulting businesses can encompass a broad range of skill sets. We understand your investment goals, location and industry interests which can ultimately help us to make a qualifying list of franchise or business opening options or businesses that are a quick
chance in the market full of opportunities.

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