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E2 Visa for Germany

If you visit our website regularly, following us on Instagram, or watch our YouTube channel, then you know that the E-2 Investor Visa is available to citizens of E-2 Treaty Countries.What about Germany? Yes! Germany is an E-2 Treaty Country. Yes! Visa to America files E-2 Investor Visa applications for German citizens. The E-2 visa allows you to move to the USA and invest and operate a business so long as you invest a substantial amount of capital into the business. If you are from Germany and want to move your business to the USA, you can invest as little as $100,000 or less, depending on the type of business.

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Germany’s E-2 Investor Visa Approvals Rising Rapidly. Germany received the most E-2 Investor Visa approvals every year prior to the pandemic. During the pandemic, the approvals in Germany dropped considerably; the entire world seemed to stop but Germany recovered quickly. Germany’s E-2 Investor Visa approval numbers gained momentum and are remarkably close to what they were before. Despite the pandemic, Germany continues to be one of Europe’s powerhouses.

German Federal Council (Bundesrat) - Berlin, Germany

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If you are German and interested in moving to the USA on an E-2 Investor Visa, this article is for you.


Germany Population: 83,222,442

Date E-2 Treaty Entered: July 14, 1956

E-2 Visas Issued Since 2005: 54,996

E-2 Investor Visas issued to German Nationals: 2,315


What Are the Requirements?


E2 treaty visa requirements for Germany are as follows:

* German nationals must control the majority ownership or control of the investing or trading company.

* A citizen of Germany must file the E-2 Investor Visa application.

* An E-2 Investor Visa is temporary. The initial E-2 visa allows a foreign national to stay in the USA for a maximum of (2 to 5 years).

* The U.S. Embassy in Frankfurt processes E-2 Investor Visas in Germany.

* Each E-2 treaty country has specific requirements for eligibility. Click this link to see the specific E2 treaty requirements for Germany

Core Values

Families of E-2 Treaty Applicants

* A spouse and children (under age 21) of the E-2 Investor Visa holder can apply for an E-2 derivative visa.

* A spouse can apply for a work permit and children can attend school if they hold an E-2 derivative visa. The spouse is not required to work for the E-2 Investor’s company. The spouse can work anywhere in the USA that allows work authorization.


Germany and the United States have a great relationship:


Of all the European countries, Germany is among the strongest and closest allies the United States. U.S. primarily because of trade and other common interests. The relationship has strengthened overtime due to political, economic and security policies. The United States and Germany are both members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), other NATO members include Italy and Spain.


When did the E-2 Visa become available for German Nationals?


On July 14th, 1956, the E2 Treaty Investor Visa became available for citizens of Germany. This agreement allowed German citizens to capitalize on opportunities in the USA. Thousands of entrepreneurs and investors have started businesses in the United States, while others have purchased businesses and franchises. In doing so, German nationals have improved their quality of life while boosting the U.S. economy and creating jobs for American workers.


You are a German Citizen. What does the E- Investor Visa do for you?

After the first two years, assuming you still qualify, you can renew the E2 visa indefinitely. If you still qualify you can remain in the USA for a total of 60 months. This is huge. Of course, the application process requires a solid 5-year business plan. It is crucial to the consulate officer’s determination of your status. You would not want to complete the entire process, and in return, the consulate officer rejects your application on a technicality, would you? With Visa to America, you can avoid this pitfall by getting the help you need to get approved!


It is especially important that you enlist the services of a firm that will provide you with the support you need, who will walk you through the entire visa application process properly.


Visa to America assists German clients with the E2 Investor Visa regularly. If you are seriously considering taking this step, call Visa to America today! Our experienced E-2 Investor Visa experts are standing by, ready to assist you!


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