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US E2 Investor Visa Requirements

So for the starters:

If you’re an investor/entrepreneur who is looking to expand your business or make an investment in the USA on an non-immigrant status, then E-2 visa is the pathway for you. You can live, work & start a business in the USA with the E-2 Visa. Most important requirement for obtaining this visa is that you have to make a substantial investment in the business that you are expanding or incorporating.

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E2 Visa , What is it?

  1. It is a non-immigrant visa on an investment basis for investors, entrepreneurs and people seeking to operate a business in the USA.
  2. You can legally start a business in the USA.
  3. You can legally invest in a business.
  4. You can work for your business in the USA.
  5. E2 Visa is only available for people from certain countries who have a treaty with the USA. See the list of treaty countries given below on the page.
  6. As long as the E2 Visa linked business is operating, you can renew your visa innumerable times but it should also be parallel with the E2 Visa requisites.

What are the benefits?

  1. Operate, live, work for the business that is qualified in your E2 Visa.
  2. Unmarried children under the age of 21 years and your spouse are also qualified for the visa along with you.
  3. You children are entitled to go to a US School.
  4. Spouses can apply for work-authorization in the US.
  5. You have to ensure that you are investing a substantial amount in the business which can be as low as $100,000 or even low sometimes.
  6. As long as your business is operating and aligned with the E2 rules & requirements, you can renew it a number of times.

Requirements for the Visa?

above all the requirements the most primary requirement is that you need to be a citizen of a country that has an E2 treaty with the USA.


  1. On an individual status, you can invest in a US business:You become the primary E2 investor if you invest individually in the US business even if you have dual citizenship of Canada and India then also you can qualify for E2 visa on the Canadian nationality.
  2. Your operating business in the home country can make an investment in a business. The foreign operating business becomes the principal E2 investor if it becomes an investor in the US business. To qualify for E2 on the basis you should at least own 50% of the foreign business as the nationality of the business is considered by the individual owners of the business.
  3. Intent to depart the United states when E2 visa ends: You need to have a non immigrant intent while applying for the E2 visa. The documentary proves you can show residence abroad, strong ties to your home country or a career.You can also make a signed statement for justifying your intent to depart.


  1. The business should be active and not be a non profit business.

If you are investing in the US business then it should be active and same in the case when your foreign business expands in the US.

It should be a for-profit business to qualify for the approval of your E2 visa.


  1. Investing a Substantial amount in the US business.


Now if you are from the treaty country and you are an entrepreneur or maybe you are a business owner, maybe you’re an existing business owner, right? But even if you’re not an existing business owner, you can still get two visas. If you start a brand new business in the US and you have at least a substantial amount of capital.Now the substantial amount of capital,what does it mean? So this means that you have just enough to start a successful company that is not going to be marginal.


  1. Your business revenues should not be considered marginal.


This means that you have to show that your business is generating profit and it’s generating more than minimum living expenses for yourself and your family, right? We know there’s a little paradox going on but you have to show that the business is not marginal and also there is a potential for growth and therefore you need to have the five year projections in your business plan.So let’s go to that example. You go into California, the expenses are pretty high in California. Let’s say that you generate $3,000 a month, right. And you are moving to LA with your spouse and two children. Guess what?

This is definitely showing us that the business is marginal and therefore you do not qualify. So you would have to show that you are generating more than your minimal living expenses, right? So this really depends on location, city, definitely state, right. And other factors because otherwise this appears to be marginal business and therefore you are not really generating profit. You’re barely making your needs covered every month.


And therefore guess what, you don’t qualify. So it’s not enough to invest a substantial amount of capital. Based on our experience, anywhere from 50 to half a million, 50K to $500,000.


  1. The source of your investment funds should be lawful.

The funds that are to be invested in US business should be obtained legally. It can be a loan but an unsecured loan or an secured loan with your personal E2 business in the secured loan, then your visa will be rejected. Sometimes it is also asked about how the funds were earned.

  1. Your funds must be at risk.

The investment funds should be irrevocably committed to the business applying for E2 visa.

You should be close to starting the actual business activities. if you put funds in a bank account in an idle manner then also your visa can be rejected.

List of E2 Treaty Countries:

Process for the Visa?

  1. Incorporate a new business or purchase on existing USA based business.
  2. Open a USA bank account (Our experts will assist you in this)
  3. Complete a comprehensive business plan with our experts
  4. Transfer adequate amount in the USA incorporated business
  5. Set up, hire and operate the business.
  6. Start with all the legal filing of the E2 within the US or consulate at the the country of treaty(We will assist you in all the forms and details).
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