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E2 Investor Visa for Citizens of India

As of now, the waiting period for the EB5 Visa from a foreign country to the U.S. is about seven years. Citizens from India are now applying for the E2 Visa instead, as an alternative route to move to the United States. The E2 Visa is a non-immigration program under which an individual can set up a business and work in the US with an investment of $100,000 USD or less.

Since India is not an E2 Treaty Country, to qualify for an E2 Visa, an Indian citizen may consider applying for citizenship to another E2 Treaty Country. Two countries to consider are Grenada and Canada. Apart from Grenada, an individual can apply for a Turkish or Montenegro passport and use a similar route to apply for an E2 Visa. This visa is issued for two years but can be renewed for a lifetime. Visa to America has a one hundred percent E2 Visa application approval success rate.

Indian Family

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Why the E2 investor Visa?

Even though you do not get to stay permanently in the U.S. with an E2 Investor Visa, you still get to live and work in the United States for most of your life.

Family members can also become eligible to be dependents under the E2 Investor Visa. But when the child of the applicant reaches 21 years old, he/she will be required to apply for a separate visa and cannot work by using the parent’s visa.

Core Values

For a family for five people, an individual would only have to spend $600,000-700,000 USD for an E2 Investor Visa. But for an EB5 Visa, he/she would have to spend almost $4.5 million USD, if five people, not including direct dependents or spouse, were to come over.

Once you get the requisite passport, getting an E2 Investor Visa would take another two to three months. Another reason citizens of India are preferring the Grenadian route is because once you have a Grenada passport there is visa-free travel to Europe, China, and the UK (pre and post Brexit), Russia, Singapore, and the UAE.

Also, individuals from India can also legally avoid the Indian capital gains tax by going to the Grenada passport route.

E2 Visa Requirements – India

* India does not have a signed treaty with the U.S. – You will first need to get a second passport through Grenada or another E2 Treaty Country.

* Investor investment requirement of over $100K USD (Approx Indian INR 80 lakhs) with a   majority 51% ownership.

* Move to the U.S. to establish and manage the business.

* Generate significant profits for investors and boost the economy

* Employ U.S. workers.

* Funds must be “at risk”

E2 Visa Businesses for Sale for Indian investor

Depending on each investor’s interest, in terms of the type of business, an investor from India (after getting a second passport from an E2 Treaty Country) could opt for investing a substantial amount in multinational corporations or buying franchises, restaurants, consulting companies or purchasing an existing business.

If a substantial investment is made in the business by the investor it can qualify. Again, popular investment businesses are franchises, restaurants, or consulting companies which all help boost the US economy.

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